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[:fi]Softness of the nature[:en]Softness of the nature[:de]Die Weichheit der Natur[:]
[:fi]Roxie Bamboo socks[:en]Roxie Bamboo socks[:de]Roxie Bambussocken

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[:fi] Organic clothing[:en] Organic clothing[:de] Nachhaltige Kleidung[:]
[:fi] for Feelgood[:en] for Feelgood[:de] zum Wohlfühl[:]
[:fi] Living! [:en] Living! [:de] Leben! [:]


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[:fi]Organic cotton [:en]Organic cotton[:de]Bio-Baumwoll [:]

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Made in Finland.

Tube scarfs

Stylish, lined tube scarf, handprinted 100% organic cotton. Groovy and stylish tube for colder weather! Loose fit – unisex! Doesn’t mess up your hair. Wear it as a scarf or hood!


Vuoriortta’s cheerful world of colours are easy to combine!
The Vuoriortta collection is born at the sea shore of Helsinki,
which also served as inspiration for the collection.

Great gift idea!

For yourself or as a gift:
– on the package of the tube scarf one can write the recipients name!

Made in Finland

Designed and made in Finland. The whole Vuoriortta collection is Made in Finland and received the renowned key flag symbol!

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Vuoriortta Gift-Service

Send your gift directly to your friend!
We will handwrite the recipients name on the gift and send the package on your behalf!
– just indicate the recipients address during checkout in the recipients field and write your message in the message box.