Vuoriortta is having an housewarming party for the summer B)
Until the 31st of August – there is FREE DELIVERY for all our products in the webshop:

Vuoriortta boutique


Let’s also have a LOTTERY!
As prizes we give away two 50€ GIFT CARDS for our Vuoriortta webshop <3


Follow these Instructions to win:

1.) Get the first lottery ticket by liking us on FB 🙂

2.) The second lottery ticket you will get by registering on our website.
You will find the register-link in the very top of our webpage
(no worries, Vuoriortta’s newsletter is showing up only couple of times in an year, if even ;))

3.) Get the third lottery ticket by answering this question:
“Where in Helsinki are the pictures of Adrian-clothes been taken?”

Hint: It’s our famous UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Helsinki’s most popular attractions 🙂
Send your answer to: sales (at)


Good luck!
The lottery is on until the 31st of July. Then we inform the winners 🙂


Happy Midsummer folks <3