Last weekend was kinda party-oriented for Vuoriortta, trööt!

On Saturday we celebrated the first birthday of Kahvila ja Puoti Lillan. Lillan is definitely Vuoriortta’s favorite deco-café in Helsinki! Café & Shop Lillan is child-friendly without being too goodygoody though 🙂 In the beautifully decorated Lillan you can come as you are, sit comfortable at a big, cosy dining table or watch the kids from comfy couches and armchairs. Besides decorative items, you can also find lot of nice things for children.

The Little Mole was handing out hugs and Xmas calendars


Our little daughter is trying to keep up with her big brother already. She recently discovered that there is also a life after the living room carpet. And where else to growl than in her big brother’s room – what a paradise! I wonder how is this going to affect in the progress of Vuoriortta Collection…it might be the time to get the playfence from the basement.


Vuoriortta was also celebrating dear friend’s big birthday. The theme was black and white. I admit, didn’t have time to think about my outfit that much… As it happens, this kind of “going out” is not happening that often these days. But I did find some treasures while going trough the closet; a cool rivet dress from Danish designer Malene Birger, found from the Fashion flea market at Rafla. It has been a couple of years, but the dress is still one of my favorites. The Fashion flea market is one way to ecological consumption – another ones useless item can be someone-elses treasure 🙂

Another avantgarde for Fashion reuse is The Nopsa Fashion Library. The library borrows clothes, shoes and apparel for important and stylish events on a membership basis. The collection consists of new Finnish design and vintage. The Nopsa Fashion Library was awarded in Elle Style Awards 2012, “Ecological/ethical act of the year”.

Are there treasures in your closet? For yourself or maybe to someone-else 🙂