Vuoriortta is strongly inspired by ecological materials and ethical productions. It is also interesting to discover the diversity and how far one can take it today. In Finland we have various ecological clothing brands, you can find most of them on this awesome site (sorry, only in Finnish): Vihreät Vaatteet (green clothes)

While you are there, you might wanna have a peek of Anniina Nurmi’s lovely Nurmi-collection. Don’t you just love this northern “clearness”! It is hard to pick a favorite…maybe the Auli dress which you can also find in the picture above in multicolour. And the Brody T-shirt for men, definitely!


Vuoriortta’s own ideology is also that the products would be as timeless as possible. Isn’t that something if you can still wear your favorite piece next season without being any less “in”.

Finnish brand called Ainokainen is also believing in Slow Fashion. Ainokainen Collection with lovely autumnish colours is like a freshly dropped apple from the tree.  Netta Kervinen’s clothes and jewelleries are telling a beautiful story of a natural, a bit “juniperish” finnishness…

Ainokainen (Venla dress, headpiece and Kite-earrings), photo: Kai Lindqvist.


You can also find cool eco-clothes for men. Something Vuoriortta also has been working on…

For example in Viti Design‘s collection there are some nicely fresh T-shirts (just because it’s dark, it doesn’t necessary mean we have to wear black).
A man with carisma dares to play with a humor as well: Pogostick Failure’s TEE-shirts are kicking in if you love dogs. Pogostick Failure is all about innovative, brave and experimental design, hand made detailing, ecological values and being fair: no blood, sweat or tears – apart from their own.


Pogostick Failure, On the road S/S12 men, photo: Samuli Härkönen


Finns abroad! UK based, Finnish brand called Minna is bringing ecological Finnish design to the world’s knowledge. Fantastique! Finnish vintage chic – you gotta love it! .

Since we love being so international, a couple of examples outside of Finland:

A bit of “Romantisme fou” from France… The ecological brand called Altheane has a charming nightgown collection THEA. These “mad romantic” gowns got their inspirations from the traditional nightgowns of French grannies. You can get the collection made of soft, ecological cotton. It is a shame that you can’t buy it online, you might have to go to Paris…

Altheane, Collection Thea, nightgown “Alba”


Skandinavian vibes from Berlin; TRECHES
The designer of Treches, Norwegian-born Jeanette Bruneau Rossow clearly loves geometria. Rossow is mixing Scandinavian straightforwardness and Berlin naivety – it works! The result is a graphic design with urban aesthetic in sustainable and fair produced materials.

Treches, CESIUM-137: Winter Collection 2012/13
Photographed by Teresa Marenzi → Iconoclash Photography


Hmmm, I do not even start with kids wear ;D Another time…


Hei have a nice weekend!