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Finally! We warmly welcome you to our little boutique: Vuoriortta Boutique

We shall have a little opening/housewarming in some point 😉



Soon it’s here again – SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY <3 L’amour est dans l’air…

Vuoriortta has been making little St.Valentin packages, so that all you need to add is the name 🙂 Of course if you want, you can put a box of chocolates in the package or maybe a piece of jewellery inside the sock… Oh, it works!

Vuoriortta’s fun stamps are handmade in the Helsinki stamp factory.


A perfect gift for you or someone else…


Vuoriortta’s feelgood bamboo socks – From Finland with Love!

Bamboo feels silky soft, has excellent thermoregulation system, it absorbs perspiration and keeps feet feeling fresh all day comfort. Ecological bamboo fibre is naturally anti-bacterial and antistatic.


We have sizes for all kinds of pads:

“Roxie” ankle socks 31-33, 34-36, 37-39, 40-42, 43-45, 46-48

“Roxie” overknee socks 34-36, 37-39, 40-42, (soon also mens sizes 43-45, 46-48)

Colour options: black or natural white


Prices: Roxie short 10,60 € Roxie long 19,70 €

Packaging and delivery fee in Finland: 4,50 € Rest of the Europe: 6,90 €

(Prices incl. 24% VAT)


If you are not a fan of online-shopping, you can also send your order by e-mail to us: sales(at)vuoriortta.fi. You just need to inform us the models, sizes, colours and the number of socks you wish to order (even one pair is been delivered). And of course your name and address.



For those of you who are missing Vuoriortta products for the babies, I can say – me too ;D This time we couldn’t have baby-sizes for production reasons, BUT no worries – Let’s see what the spring will bring 😉 The next product group is going to be something completely different and Roxie’s friend is already waiting…


Last time I was saying that we’re more than happy to receive news from Vuoriortta-socks new lifestyle. Well, screen name “Sisko tahtoisin jäädä” was sending us some LOVELY pictures 😉 Here are Vuoriortta-socks enjoying the sun of Barbados…


Travel fever – cannot help it! Bamboo is btw an awesome material also with a warm weather because of it’s excellent thermoregulation system.

We’re publishing the pictures you send us here in the blog with a screen name. The pictures will not be used for any other purpose, if we don’t agree about something else.


With these pictures I wish you a nice and sunny beginning of the week B)



Jan 16

Strike a Pose

Vuoriortta enjoyed her peaceful morning coffee when suddenly there was a beeping sound of a truck backing up… Early bird neighbour was suprised to see Vuoriortta’s ecological packaging materials arriving with a big truck – not at all exaggerative 😀

Let’s make something über-cool out of these…;)


We were supposed to have “very official” fashion shoot this weekend! Oh lá lá.. However, we got invited to an extempore-2yrs-birthday party so the cake won this time. Luckily our friends and family got an inspiration out of their socks. There was some awesome material waiting in the email, Vuoriortta Lifestyle indeed!

Warning… The next victim might be YOU – Vuoriortta’s next top foot-model! You might wanna start practicing already 😉 If you do get an inspiration at some point, you can take a picture of your Vuoriortta-socks and send it to us: sales(at)vuoriortta.fi. We’re thankful of all kinds of pictures.

Made with love, Vuoriortta’s bamboo socks are waiting for a taste of life <3 We’re happy to hear more about their new “lifestyle”; maybe your socks have started a new cool hobby? Or been part of a special moment? Or simply enjoyed the unbearable lightness of living… – We can publish their news here in the blog 🙂

Soon the boutique site will be opening it’s curtain as well… It takes a little patience when everything is new and amazing to us as well 🙂


Jan 05

° 2013 °

It has begun! What did you find in your New Year’s tin? A trip, love, money or maybe an octonaut like our 3yrs old son got?

All the best for the year 2013! Make it perfect just like you want it to be 🙂 Vuoriortta wants to give a big thanks already at this point, from all your support and kind words. We take each single one of them in our hearts <3

Christmas brought warmness and happiness despite the fact that we were all a bit convalescent. The good side in having a stomach flu is, that nothing gives more sense of community than when you are literally in the same “boat”. However, the elfs had heard our little ones wishes and we did find the truck and a flashlight from the Christmas packages 🙂 And also other lovely things… “Mummu” had made this warm gift to our little princess for her very first Christmas:

Isn’t it lovely <3Orange-buttons and all – delicious!

The original instruction was from a Finnish handcraft magazine: Suuri Käsityölehti.


For my sister, Santa brought earrings from a Finnish designer called Poola Kataryna, rokrok! Recycled leather with some lacquer on top. I might have to borrow them (that’s what sisters are for…heheh). You might have run into Poola’s special wooden jewelleries; lions, bunnies, imposing lightnings… All you really need with a simple-looking outfit are pretentious earrings, et voilá – you’re really chic! Poola Kataryna’s products are also quite timeless +  locally & ethically manufactured. Vuoriortta likes that they also have a sense of humor, especially in the clothes you can feel that odd beautiness of us Finns 🙂


And what did we find from those soft VUORIORTTA-packages? Maybe we will take a little head start with these before next product groups. After all, you have to have something extra-fun for St.Valentines 😀

Short “Roxy” models – the smallest and the biggest size ;D


Normally I try to avoid stressing consumer parties like sales…hrrrr. However I did make one impact during our holidays near the “Paris of Tavastia”… A lovely déco-boutique Hushållska in the city of Forssa. Hushållska is situated in a charming, old wooden house in the heart of the city. This house was once functioning as a residence for the workers of the Finlayson textile factory. Besides decoration articles you can find clothes from a Danish brand called NoaNoa – as a mother of a little girl Vuoriortta simply could not resist…

The rosette is from mummy’s bonnet (:

“Oh, there’s a 10% angora…”Body is also from NoaNoa (Stockmann), soft organic cotton <3

Next week it’s time to get busy so that I would have news of the collection! The next product group is already underway, models are ready, working on materials and almost ordered the packing materials. We’re also working on the boutique-side of this site… A little pinch of visuality never harms, even if the style would be plain and simple. So little bit of this and little bit of that, small and big things on their way, yeey!

Have a beautiful weekend and a nice landing to a new year 🙂

& Happy New Year 2013!

Helsinki’s World Design Capital Year is almost over, we hope you got the most out of it. Vive le design finlandais! Like René the Rye bread would say 🙂

Enjoy the Christmas spirit, its warm atmosphere, delicious aromas and tastes. Hold your loved-ones tight and light up a candle for the ones who are peeking us from the clouds <3

***See you next year ;)***


The most beautiful Xmas decoration <3

To be continued next year…:)

In Casa Vuoriortta, there haven’t been many of these kind of nights… Liniment, nose drops, Panadol and honey-tee. And the famous “sarvikuono”, the Finnish nose can – a total rescue and the best way to avoid the sinusitis. So life is a one big pyjama-party! You can wear your sweats with a good conscience and take care of your loved-ones. Even though after a couple of days the harmony starts to wiggle. But now Vuoriortta’s little elfs are healthy again and recruited to their Christmas tasks…:)

Vuoriortta’s christmas tree is already set <:D It is placed safely on the balcony where it can twinkle without worries that our dog would have a little misconception. The wooden decoration comes from Schwarzwald, the carpenter himself was selling and making them. I might have to get more of them, since they seem to be quite childproof as well 🙂

I’m not even testing how childproof these little pine cones are. They are made by my precious relative who made a long career as a milliner in Finnish National Opera. Young Vuoriortta had also opportunity to work there as a apprentice for some time. All those materials, colors, disciplined bodies of the dancers – that was a quite an experience for a young girl. Now what if your Xmas present would be this year an experience?