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Vuoriortta is having an housewarming party for the summer B) Until the 31st of August – there is FREE DELIVERY for all our products in the webshop:

Vuoriortta boutique


Let’s also have a LOTTERY! As prizes we give away two 50€ GIFT CARDS for our Vuoriortta webshop <3


Follow these Instructions to win:

1.) Get the first lottery ticket by liking us on FB 🙂

2.) The second lottery ticket you will get by registering on our website. You will find the register-link in the very top of our webpage (no worries, Vuoriortta’s newsletter is showing up only couple of times in an year, if even ;))

3.) Get the third lottery ticket by answering this question: “Where in Helsinki are the pictures of Adrian-clothes been taken?”

Hint: It’s our famous UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Helsinki’s most popular attractions 🙂 Send your answer to: sales (at) vuoriortta.fi


Good luck! The lottery is on until the 31st of July. Then we inform the winners 🙂


Happy Midsummer folks <3



It was time to get some spring on my head, the brunette wants some light… And that I had! And when the sun is making it’s tricks, my head will get even blonder B) Thank you again Salon Hanne!

I also like those darker roots what fall will bring. That is if it grows “naturally beautifully”, we shall see…

We nordic people suffer every spring with our dry skin (after the long and dry winter). I already got some first aid with amazing products from the sustainable brand Davines. And how cute is that packaging! Vuoriortta <3 prints


The other week I went to check Miia Magia‘s jewellery exhibition opening. The venue was the charismatic Noir Concept in Kalevankatu 6. Tom Wettenstrand’s Salon Noir creates a beautiful surroundings to Miia’s elegant jewellery. Mystic & Magic – Great match!

Go and check it out, the exhibition is going on until 23rd of May. In Noir Concept you can also find an atmospheric VinVin winebar 😉

We are quite busy creating the fabrics for our upcoming products. Here’s some sneak peek into our workshop… Roxie’s friend is slowly finding it’s look – exciting times!



Soon they are here – wood anemones! It’s a sign of coming Mother’s Day in Finland 🙂 And what would be lovelier than to treat your loved-ones a bit? With soft and comfortable bamboo-socks could be one way – From Finland, with Love <3

Until 12th of May (Finnish Mother’s day) all our products have FREE SHIPPING: Vuoriortta Boutique Mothers day coupon: ÄITI2013


In the meantime Vuoriortta products are also found – in the heart of the picturesque city Forssa, an old yarn manyfactory milieu, at Käsityökeskus Sigrid.

In Sigrid’s store you can find products made in Finland, handcrafts, decoration items, childrens and adults clothes etc. There’s also an “Organic Café” with pastries, chocolates, coffee, tea… More info (in Finnish) about Sigrid’s events and courses also on Facebook.



Mar 22


Time for new shades B) I actually got these Polaroids already a year ago, but I managed to crash them (after two weeks), better luck this time…

Mom, these are my “Police shades”!


How many things fit in one month: New teeth, creating, surprises, secrets of textile printing, sleepwalking, little bit of joy, little bit of sadness and the greatest of all – love <3 I’m gonna tell you more about that later…;)


In the beginning of the week I met an innovative designer of Mariinda Grafia. Maikku Aho’s products are local, hand-printed textile products. In her textiles Mariinda is favoring organic cotton. The pictures are hand-printed with a silk-printing technic, using water-based pigment-colours.

Print with a silver colouring (you can make it bigger by clicking the picture).

Boys always need T-shirts, bigger boys AND little boys.


Spring is the time for a little renovation! Everything needs to be updated; home, yourself and of course rest of the family members ;D There’s a need to have more light and colors, fast!

Lempi Design‘s new collection has delicious colours! For example this burned yellow, works for other seasons as well. The lovely lady behind Lempi Design, Elina Nykvist is designing and producing Lempi products in her homestudio in Espoo.

Lempi Design’s Verso is made of natural materials. The pillow is made of soft linen with some wool felt.


Also VUORIORTTA has the spring-mood going on… Busy times ahead 😀

We celebrate Easter in our shop as well – all items have FREE SHIPPING until the 31st of March! Easter coupon to the cart: EASTER2013



P.S. Interested in retail? Please contact: sales@vuoriortta.fi



Greetings from the little holiday! Different kind of views are bringing different kind of thoughts and ideas 🙂 Now I’m packed of work but hey! Day by day, one task at the time!


Our little girl have learned to wave and our son just learned to swim with swimpaddles. Oh, they are growing too fast! This weekend we are getting our little pinscher back home as well.  His holiday has been full of sausages and other treats, at home there might be a little reality check… Our neighbours have surely been thinking as well why nobody is barking when they come home.


I’m still working with the models and materials for our coming products. There has been some really great tips which we are always grateful to have. So many people are building Vuoriortta with us which really warms my heart <3

Nothing is ever easy though, but it surely wouldn’t be as much fun if it was. Todays challenges are already in the limited hours of the day.


Vuoriortta’s inspiration board looks pretty chaotic at the moment so lets not put a picture yet… But hey, Paris Vogue works every time ;D


Have a lovely end of the week! Btw, this was the culinary highlight of my holiday…

Schwarzwälder Kirsch Eis