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Dont know what do you normally listen, but HEAR THESE OUT – you r gonna love it!


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”The name ‘Konkurssi (bankruptcy) Records’ is an ironical statement aimed at all the negative comments regarding the slow death of record companies and the downhill of music industry in general. I believe that good music will never go unnoticed. Despite big challenges, I see the future of music industry as a bright one” – Jaana Karila / Konkurssi records


I was sitting the fall 2012 in the entrepreneurs course with a lovely Jaana Karila from Konkurssi records. Konkurssi records led by Finnish record industry’s female reinforcement Jaana, is a Helsinki-based independent record company. The artists of Konkurssi are fresh, influential and ALSO visually impressive!

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Finnish Indie music is like a hidden treasure – Listen and get surprised! THE BEST feelgood-music for the spring:


– Finnish folk with a smile: Johannes Raitjoki – Noitatohtori Pst – Johannes Raitjoki’s new single out! Listen in Spotify and by from iTunes for example.

– Get some boost: MIAU – God/Drug MIAU exploded the stage on Finnish Eurovision contest! Album is on it’s way…

– Mindfullness: Color Dolor – The Angel Super awesome Color Dolor has got great revues in Finnish music magazines. One of Vuoriortta collection’s inspiration musics.


MORE TREASURES and retail places (osta-section): Konkurssi records

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Few years ago as a brand new mummy, I stopped by in American bar in Helsinki city centre to enjoy some music (had my baby with me, arrest me now :D). Easygoing atmosphere, classy lifestyle-music…fantastique. That kind of music what safes the world.

Tastes by Lupo Von Volpe: The Birdwatchers Lounge – La Seduzione

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For my event planning-work I often hunt for good music concepts. An ice-breaker for a stylish event or easygoing evening. With a music you can create that bridge between official and unofficial gathering with a stylish way.


The Birdwatchers Lounge – The Bird Watchers Lounge is taking lounge, easy listening, smooth jazz and mambo back to the golden age. No electronic music here. (Except for hammond B4-organ, moog and theremin that is). Vinyl records selected with Love, played by DJ-Lupo Von Volpe


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