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Summer heat is keeping Vuoriortta’s office near the beach, little snacks and dips in the sea…that’ll do the trick!

We also had very warm atmosphere during our photoshoot 🙂 Making a photoshoot with (under 4 yrs old) kids was quite an experience – Lovely sweethearts <3 Pictures: Pan Krasy, Hair & makeup: Karoliina Karjalainen, Style & clothes: Vuoriortta, 


With our new products Vuoriortta has also been starting our retail department. We are updating these informations soon 🙂


Roxie & Adrian are part of Vuoriortta’s permanent collection. We <3 slow fashion. Since Vuoriortta’s products are locally handmade with love, one couldn’t even imagine them as one-season products only 🙂

Vuoriortta for a summer man – Quel charisme!


Timeless, easily combinable products are also always ecological choice. (Socks of course are going to be worn out with time, but for ex. overknee Roxies you can still reuse as cool leg warmers!)

Bamboo is btw really lovely material for warm weather! That is if you don’t have the possibility to wear slippers or go barefooted the whole summer 😉 Bamboo fibre’s thermo regulation system is keeping the feet comfortably fresh all day <3



Have a lovely summer sunday B)



Vuoriortta is having an housewarming party for the summer B) Until the 31st of August – there is FREE DELIVERY for all our products in the webshop:

Vuoriortta boutique


Let’s also have a LOTTERY! As prizes we give away two 50€ GIFT CARDS for our Vuoriortta webshop <3


Follow these Instructions to win:

1.) Get the first lottery ticket by liking us on FB 🙂

2.) The second lottery ticket you will get by registering on our website. You will find the register-link in the very top of our webpage (no worries, Vuoriortta’s newsletter is showing up only couple of times in an year, if even ;))

3.) Get the third lottery ticket by answering this question: “Where in Helsinki are the pictures of Adrian-clothes been taken?”

Hint: It’s our famous UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Helsinki’s most popular attractions 🙂 Send your answer to: sales (at)


Good luck! The lottery is on until the 31st of July. Then we inform the winners 🙂


Happy Midsummer folks <3