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Mar 22


Time for new shades B) I actually got these Polaroids already a year ago, but I managed to crash them (after two weeks), better luck this time…

Mom, these are my “Police shades”!


How many things fit in one month: New teeth, creating, surprises, secrets of textile printing, sleepwalking, little bit of joy, little bit of sadness and the greatest of all – love <3 I’m gonna tell you more about that later…;)


In the beginning of the week I met an innovative designer of Mariinda Grafia. Maikku Aho’s products are local, hand-printed textile products. In her textiles Mariinda is favoring organic cotton. The pictures are hand-printed with a silk-printing technic, using water-based pigment-colours.

Print with a silver colouring (you can make it bigger by clicking the picture).

Boys always need T-shirts, bigger boys AND little boys.


Spring is the time for a little renovation! Everything needs to be updated; home, yourself and of course rest of the family members ;D There’s a need to have more light and colors, fast!

Lempi Design‘s new collection has delicious colours! For example this burned yellow, works for other seasons as well. The lovely lady behind Lempi Design, Elina Nykvist is designing and producing Lempi products in her homestudio in Espoo.

Lempi Design’s Verso is made of natural materials. The pillow is made of soft linen with some wool felt.


Also VUORIORTTA has the spring-mood going on… Busy times ahead 😀

We celebrate Easter in our shop as well – all items have FREE SHIPPING until the 31st of March! Easter coupon to the cart: EASTER2013


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