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Greetings from the little holiday! Different kind of views are bringing different kind of thoughts and ideas 🙂 Now I’m packed of work but hey! Day by day, one task at the time!


Our little girl have learned to wave and our son just learned to swim with swimpaddles. Oh, they are growing too fast! This weekend we are getting our little pinscher back home as well.  His holiday has been full of sausages and other treats, at home there might be a little reality check… Our neighbours have surely been thinking as well why nobody is barking when they come home.


I’m still working with the models and materials for our coming products. There has been some really great tips which we are always grateful to have. So many people are building Vuoriortta with us which really warms my heart <3

Nothing is ever easy though, but it surely wouldn’t be as much fun if it was. Todays challenges are already in the limited hours of the day.


Vuoriortta’s inspiration board looks pretty chaotic at the moment so lets not put a picture yet… But hey, Paris Vogue works every time ;D


Have a lovely end of the week! Btw, this was the culinary highlight of my holiday…

Schwarzwälder Kirsch Eis


Finally! We warmly welcome you to our little boutique: Vuoriortta Boutique

We shall have a little opening/housewarming in some point 😉



Soon it’s here again – SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY <3 L’amour est dans l’air…

Vuoriortta has been making little St.Valentin packages, so that all you need to add is the name 🙂 Of course if you want, you can put a box of chocolates in the package or maybe a piece of jewellery inside the sock… Oh, it works!

Vuoriortta’s fun stamps are handmade in the Helsinki stamp factory.


A perfect gift for you or someone else…


Vuoriortta’s feelgood bamboo socks – From Finland with Love!

Bamboo feels silky soft, has excellent thermoregulation system, it absorbs perspiration and keeps feet feeling fresh all day comfort. Ecological bamboo fibre is naturally anti-bacterial and antistatic.


We have sizes for all kinds of pads:

“Roxie” ankle socks 31-33, 34-36, 37-39, 40-42, 43-45, 46-48

“Roxie” overknee socks 34-36, 37-39, 40-42, (soon also mens sizes 43-45, 46-48)

Colour options: black or natural white


Prices: Roxie short 10,60 € Roxie long 19,70 €

Packaging and delivery fee in Finland: 4,50 € Rest of the Europe: 6,90 €

(Prices incl. 24% VAT)


If you are not a fan of online-shopping, you can also send your order by e-mail to us: sales(at) You just need to inform us the models, sizes, colours and the number of socks you wish to order (even one pair is been delivered). And of course your name and address.



For those of you who are missing Vuoriortta products for the babies, I can say – me too ;D This time we couldn’t have baby-sizes for production reasons, BUT no worries – Let’s see what the spring will bring 😉 The next product group is going to be something completely different and Roxie’s friend is already waiting…


Last time I was saying that we’re more than happy to receive news from Vuoriortta-socks new lifestyle. Well, screen name “Sisko tahtoisin jäädä” was sending us some LOVELY pictures 😉 Here are Vuoriortta-socks enjoying the sun of Barbados…


Travel fever – cannot help it! Bamboo is btw an awesome material also with a warm weather because of it’s excellent thermoregulation system.

We’re publishing the pictures you send us here in the blog with a screen name. The pictures will not be used for any other purpose, if we don’t agree about something else.


With these pictures I wish you a nice and sunny beginning of the week B)