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& Happy New Year 2013!

Helsinki’s World Design Capital Year is almost over, we hope you got the most out of it. Vive le design finlandais! Like René the Rye bread would say 🙂

Enjoy the Christmas spirit, its warm atmosphere, delicious aromas and tastes. Hold your loved-ones tight and light up a candle for the ones who are peeking us from the clouds <3

***See you next year ;)***


The most beautiful Xmas decoration <3

To be continued next year…:)

In Casa Vuoriortta, there haven’t been many of these kind of nights… Liniment, nose drops, Panadol and honey-tee. And the famous “sarvikuono”, the Finnish nose can – a total rescue and the best way to avoid the sinusitis. So life is a one big pyjama-party! You can wear your sweats with a good conscience and take care of your loved-ones. Even though after a couple of days the harmony starts to wiggle. But now Vuoriortta’s little elfs are healthy again and recruited to their Christmas tasks…:)

Vuoriortta’s christmas tree is already set <:D It is placed safely on the balcony where it can twinkle without worries that our dog would have a little misconception. The wooden decoration comes from Schwarzwald, the carpenter himself was selling and making them. I might have to get more of them, since they seem to be quite childproof as well 🙂

I’m not even testing how childproof these little pine cones are. They are made by my precious relative who made a long career as a milliner in Finnish National Opera. Young Vuoriortta had also opportunity to work there as a apprentice for some time. All those materials, colors, disciplined bodies of the dancers – that was a quite an experience for a young girl. Now what if your Xmas present would be this year an experience?

…you can follow us now also in Facebook : Vuoriortta Vuoriortta is quite shy so I don’t think it’s gonna be too hectic 🙂 Unless our mascot starts to do his own thing.

Caught a cold? Got chapped lips? I warmly recommend you to try (you lovely ladies, well why not gents as well) lipgloss from bareMinerals. A bit sticky but your lips will luv it :* This was a find from my own home, my friend forgot it and in some point I got permission to keep it 🙂 What a lovely serie, without any preservatives, parabens and artificial dyes. 100% natural!

In the picture the shade “cupcake”, with a nice toffee aroma – yummy!

Dec 03

Ho Ho Ho

Beautiful white snow, some light at last!

What a week! Vuoriortta has become a real company and the very first product group is finally ready. It will see the day light next year though, with it’s other family members 🙂 Patience, patience… Says Vuoriortta who doesn’t even know the meaning of that word.

However if your association, organization or your children’s class is still missing a fun, ecological product for their fundraising, we are more than happy to help: sales(at) Vuoriortta goodwill from the start!

December it is. In Vuoriortta’s kitchen there is the aroma of dates boiled in Glögi (glodd, gluhwein, etc.). Never baked date cake before. I was brave enough to make some for our son’s kindergarten Xmas party. It never hurts to try something new and I think this one pulled off quite nicely! “The prototype” vanished immediately…

“Rudolph” came with the mail last week… all the way from Schwarzwald!

…mit glühwein

At the moment Helsinki’s city centre is packed of Santa’s little helpers. If you are heading to Mansku or Aleksi…respect! As a crowd-phobic person I prefer “stress-free”-shopping in online. This year Vuoriortta’s Xmas presents are quite soft surprise, surprise 🙂 A couple of hard ones as well – our little man has asked a truck and a flashlight from Santa.