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We just recently celebrated father’s day in Finland. Vuoriortta’s little family stormed to wake our’s up at eight with a coffee, carrot cake and “joulutorttu” – a star-shaped pastry filled with plum jam. A treat we love to eat here at Christmas time. Little hands and feet had made beautiful, laminated bookmarks/cards.

As a present, papa got the hottest new … → Lue lisää

The project called Vuoriortta is in progress, finally! The inspiration is flying and Vuoriortta is following, but not quietly… And for this, my loved ones are so greatful.

Before this very first post of Vuoriortta, I have been hunting my family and friends for months. The obsessive need to take Vuoriortta out into the sun light has been taking my sleep and concentration, like always when you are creating something new. Our 7 months old daughter has been watching on the floor how mummy is drawing and making patterns. As well as our 3 year old son has been hanging up mummy’s sketches in his room, occasionally tearing them in pieces only to get a new one.

In the meanwhile, when I have been wandering in French … → Lue lisää