In Casa Vuoriortta, there haven’t been many of these kind of nights… Liniment, nose drops, Panadol and honey-tee. And the famous „sarvikuono“, the Finnish nose can – a total rescue and the best way to avoid the sinusitis.
So life is a one big pyjama-party! You can wear your sweats with a good conscience and take care of your loved-ones. Even though after a couple of days the harmony starts to wiggle. But now Vuoriortta’s little elfs are healthy again and recruited to their Christmas tasks…:)


Vuoriortta’s christmas tree is already set <:D It is placed safely on the balcony where it can twinkle without worries that our dog would have a little misconception. The wooden decoration comes from Schwarzwald, the carpenter himself was selling and making them. I might have to get more of them, since they seem to be quite childproof as well 🙂

I’m not even testing how childproof these little pine cones are. They are made by my precious relative who made a long career as a milliner in Finnish National Opera. Young Vuoriortta had also opportunity to work there as a apprentice for some time. All those materials, colors, disciplined bodies of the dancers – that was a quite an experience for a young girl. Now what if your Xmas present would be this year an experience?